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This one of a kind mug features one of the original "Scottsboro Boys of Arkansas" Jim X Carruthers.

Jim X's story was made famous after his case was appealed to the Supreme Court by none other than Thurgood Marshall, between 1935 and 1939. Jim X was falsely accused of rape in an wicked scheme to strip him of owning an automobile, during once of America's most poor and racially charged eras: The Great Depression! Originally, Jim X was charged with robbing and injuring the Sheriff. These charges disappered months later and were upgraded to rape! This began an avelanche of legal woes for Jim X, Bubbles Clayton (his co-defendant and friend).  


Thurgood Marshall called Jim X's case, "the worst case of injustice," that he had ever defended.


Jim X and Bubbles Clayton excaped a lynch mob, that had come to the jail and demanded that they be turned over to them, only to spend 4 years in the Tucker Prison Camp in Little Rock, AR where both men died by electrocution, June 30, 1939. Jim X was just 24 years old. SAY HIS NAME

Driving While Black #DWB Jim X Mug

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