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House Call Visits

After spending almost a month in Havana, Cuba, we learned that the best way to have good healthcare outcomes is to address illness and disease where it begins, in the home.

In 2013, House Call, a visiting doctor program was formed to offer the services of board-certified Medical Doctors to people who are sick, shut in and/or indigent at home.


The first 2 years, students who were in their final year of Escuela Latin Americana Medico (The Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba) came to America and spent the summers with RCV shadowing Dr. Nicholson at House Call, and at the hospitals where we serve.

House Call visits are a blessing for people who are physically unable to travel to doctor's offices without an extraordinary degree of difficulty. Sometimes, in the case of people who suffer from conditions like Dementia, a person has no mobility issues, however family members and caretakers still are unable to get that person to agree to travel to a doctor's office. 

Our House Call program has provided thousands of Face-to-Face Doctor's visits to marginalized patients. We also assist with, virtual/telehealth visits, Home Health Care, Private Duty Care and Grooming, X-Rays and Diagnostics, direct admissions to area hospitals, routine lab orders and even Hospice consultations. 

If patients are fortunate enough to have medical insurance, House Call will bill the patients' insurance company and the patient will have the same co-pay as they would for any other doctor's appointment.


And for patients who' finances are severely lacking, House Call offers vouchers for care. That means, a portion of the donations that we receive from RCV donors, foundations, endowments and fundraisers, is allocated to covering  co-pay or visit costs for patients who are able to substantiate their need for assistance.


RCV's House Call program often works in conjunction with the Goodwill Easter Seals to secure items for patients such as: beds, commodes, canes, wheelchairs, Hoyer lifts, nutritional support (like Ensure) diapers, bed pads and other medical necessities. 

Coverage Areas:

Baldwin County

Mobile County

Wilcox County,  Alabama

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