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Farm Hand Project

Although our March 22, 2020 Farm Day event had to be postponed due to the uncertainties of COVID-19, you can still sign up to volunteer.

Volunteer Days for 2020 are tentatively the weekend of July 4 --6, August 1 --3 and Septmeber 12 -- 14.


Sign Up now and we will update you as time approaches, as to the pandemic and our ability to keep our dates or not.



The RCV Farm Hand Project is based in Coy, AL and has been created to assist elderly farmers and those who lack equipment and manpower. 


Many farms simply need TLC and a few days of volunteer labor to make a big difference in the lives of land-owners who have not been able to manage the upkeep of their farm.


Weeding, cutting small limbs and brush, painting, repairing fence wire, re-building chicken coups and 

cutting grass are just some of the highly impactful things that our volunteers can do to help improve a farm, and ultimately, farmer's ablility to feed themselves and the community. 

Farming Scene

Can this place be saved?


There's only

1 way to find out...

Let's Do this!

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