Remembering the Children in the Village (RCV) PROJECT 

RCV raises funds and collects learning materials which can create opportunities for children to be children. To those in poor and underserved communities RCV gifts books, art supplies, educational toys, treats and other items that kids in many walks of life do not receive. RCV will celebrate it's 10--year anniversary in 2018.



Farm Hand (FHP) PROJECT ​

Nature Lovers, and those who have a desire to assist aging or poorly equipped and marginalized farmers with maintaining their farms and planting sustainable crops will love the FHP Project!  


From watching a calf be born and take its first steps to rebuilding chicken coops and barn-houses the FHP Project is like Peace Corps for Farm Hands. It's a wonderful way to give back to man and Earth, as one.


FHP also helps farmers to build the capicity to compete for resources that are available from the local, State &  Federal government by providing volunteers with business backgrounds to navigate through tedious language, forms & submissions.


Women's Empowerment (WE) PROJECT 

Mock interviews, Dress-for-Success seminars, skills training and resume preparation assistance are just some of the ways that Women benefit from the WE Project. The project pursues its mission of helping to crack the glass ceiling one strike at a time, by sending powerful and prepared women to the workforce. Empowerment and mentorship is central in all aspects of WE Projects.

Remembering the Elders in the Village (REV) PROJECT 

The REV project is to assist Elders in our Villages to identify and obtain resources that may help to maximize one's ability to maintain independence and to afford Home Care where possible. The REV project houses programs that assist with respite services, Home Care Visits, patient assistant services, Friends of House Call Vouchers and discounts on medications for Seniors. June 3rd is RCV's annual 5k Home Care Crusade at the University of South Alabama.







Quips Camp


A 10 day camp for young writers. This camp is situated in a Rural setting, and provides coaches to help develop campers into strong creators of the Written Word, Spoken Word and of artistic expression through language while also providing a serene and natural campsite free of urban distractions and chock full of adventures that will be unforgettable. 


Health Partnerships

United (HPU) 

This project encourages healthy living and increased community partnerships to improve health by studying and sharing successful healthcare models from around the world.

In 2014 RCV traveled around the Mediterranean visiting five countries to study and observe community based health practices and customs. Italy, Monaco, Spain, Palma de Mallorca, and Tunisia, were all included in the trip. In  2015, along with our friends at MEDICC, RCV traveled to Havana, Cuba to study their very efficient healthcare model, and has partnered with the ELAM Medical School to host their students in our affiliated Alabama clinics and hospitals for the past two years. In 2017 our missions took us to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. From each place we learned disciplines about diet, exercise, and other major health components.  This project aims to use info learned in other parts of the world to shape our messages of healthy living to friends and neighbors back home in America, even on a 3rd world budget.


After Hours Kids Power

I brainstormed for nearly an hour and became acutely aware that the chronic illnesses I had been treating every day for 25 years as a Physician Assistant were not only responsive to natural solutions, but were also caused by many of the foods we eat. With consistent education about nutrition and the application of wellness principles, I believed I could make a difference. Today, Growgurl has now evolved and offers a variety of classes, natural healing solutions and services to help committed women maintain optimal health holistically. We also are excited to announce that in 2019, we will offer a mentorship program as well as an annual educational scholarship to provide tuition assistance for qualified GrowGurls actively pursuing an education in the healthcare field. Although we are just getting started, the momentum has already begun. So, we encourage both women and girls who share a common goal to achieve wellness - mind, body, and spirit-- to allow us to be a part of your journey. Whether you are in need of mentorship, seeking a mentor or simply want to improve your overall health, GrowGurl can provide alternatives for you. Contact a member of our team today to learn more. We are here for you. Program Founder, Tonya Riley-Gilbert, P.A.

VISIT: WWW.GROWGURL.ORG to learn how you can support our wonderful efforts!


Population(s) Served


Economically disadvantaged, low-income, and poor people




Where we workNew!


PROGRAM AREA: NCRaleigh, NCCharlotte, NC

After Hour Kids Power's mission is to nurture and educate  the entire child. We aim to provide opportunities for social, emotional, and physical development as they progress through their early childhood to mid- adolescent years. This program is designed to manage the behaviors of all children, especially those who may have special needs and children who are are  marginalized, underprivileged, and or underrepresented in the full spectrum of child care.

Parents who need respite and quality care for thier children can rely on AHKP to work with thier children in a structured and safe environment. Our staff is highly trained and passionate about caring for children who may face some challenges with social skills and other areas of routine childhood development. 

We are looking for Sponsors, Partners, Families and Community Leaders to join us in this very important cause. 

Population Served: Children ages 15 and Under

Service Area: Anniston, AL

Budget: $20,000

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