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Nothing feels better than helping out our fellow neighbors and friends. In this age of technology, we are all so consumed by cellular phones, up-to-the minute news and other things that DISCONNECT us as a society.


Make a concious decision to re-connect with a community that matters to you. If you are looking for a small, grassroots, no-nonsense way to engage with various populations identified by our projects then let us know that you like what we are doing by pledging your support. We will not swamp your mailbox with repeated requests for you to donate. We will be thankful for whatever you give and will get to work with your gift. 

Soon, we will resume publishing our quarterly newsletter to keep all of our supporters and donors informed of our continued work. 


Whether we are assisiting college students with Laundry and Personal Care items or buying an expensive Science book that a student desperately needs. Or if we are providing a voucher to cover an elder's portion of payment for medical care in their home, we do our work with pride and integrity. 


We thank you in advance for whatever amount you are able to contribute today, and invite you to stay engaged with our projects so that you can see your gifts at work. 

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