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Small Biz Loan Assistance

The RCV Small Business Growth & Developmnet program is currently assisting small business owners with applications for Economic Injury Disaster Loans through the Small Business Administration. 

We will walk you through it by phone at no cost to you, or complete the application for you for a nominal donation. Click here to email us if you are interested in applying.

School Of Promise Project

Founded in 1998 in Hartford, Connecticut, RCV began as a learning corridor between the North East region of the United States and the Northern Region of Ghana, West Africa. 


Since that time, RCV has collected thousands of clothing items, toys, books and other learning materials and have gifted the donations to children in villages that are both economically and geographically marginalized.  The "Children in the Village" program is the flagship project of RCV and remains a pillar of the RCV Mission to date.

Individuals or agencies wishing to contribute to Remembering the Children in the Village (RCV)  should contact us right away. We will quickly disbribute a receipt for all donations that can be given to your tax preparer. 

Become a volunteer. RCV often hosts events, fundraisers and tours. Contact us today to learn more about Volunteer or Exchange Student opportunities currently available.

To bring awareness, support and resources to marginalized communities around the world, one person at a time.

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